IMG_20141102_155137_616IMG_20141104_132309_692.jpgwagon block plate

What exactly defines a station wagon?


sta • tion wa • gon – an automobile that has a passenger compartment which extends to the back of the vehicle, that has no trunk, that has one or more rear seats which can be folded down to make space for light cargo, and that has a tailgate or liftgate. Most had 4 doors and were optioned with a third seat which stored into the cargo area floor. Kids who rode here, the best seat in the house, had many hours of road travelling fun as they sat in the “wayback”. 

However you choose to define them today, station wagons, or longroofs (as they are affectionately referred to by their owners) have become very popular within the last several years. Mostly driven by housewives in the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s these cars are now sought after to be restored, modified, cruised, shown and drag raced.  Whatever the purpose, you can be sure that these once discarded family cruisers are now making a comeback in A BIG WAY. Look for one on a street or highway near you.